Paul Bergeron

Senior Software Engineer


Experienced developer passionate about creating solutions and deleting problems.



Meets aggressive time lines with elegantly designed and detail attentive solutions.

Data Architect

Experienced in designing data centric processes with an Occam’s Razor based approach.

Project Driven

Proven ability to work independently or in a team depending on project demands.


  • Java / Clojure
  • Go / C
  • Ruby (Rails & Sinatra)
  • JavaScript & CoffeeScript
  • Hive / Hadoop / Cascading
  • Shell Scripting & Unix Tools
  • Node.js
  • Git
  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Kafka & ØMQ



Senior Software Engineer


Job Description
  • Architect, design, build and deploy large scale systems across LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.
  • Help maintain, test, and fix existing LinkedIn software and infrastructure.
  • As an acquire-hired engineer, help lead my teammates to contributing to contributing to LinkedIn.
  • Launched key tablestakes features to make LinkedIn competitive in the Self Serve Advertising market.
  • Assisted in migration of ex-Bizo / LLA features to core LinkedIn platform.


Director of Engineering
prev. Senior Software Engineer


Job Description
  • Lead a team of developers from the front, performing coding and manangerial duties.
  • Grow team members in both hiring and mentorship.
  • Establish and maintain an engineering culture with Agile foundations.
  • Key role in scaling a non-distributed 10k QPS service into a 130k QPS distributed service.
  • Helped grow team from 8 to 14, including starting and managing a new full remote team of 3.
  • Authored, and deployed services across 4 data centers globally, processing up to 300k msg/s


Software Engineer


Job Description
  • Full stack engineer working at every layer from database to the UX.
  • Fix bugs, improve customer experience in high pace environment.
  • Enhance and improved database access and caching performance.
  • Revamped external API accessing to follow rate limiting, and handle exceptions.
  • Supported and scaled application for launching larger clients.


Software Engineer


Job Description
  • Architect large scale highly available back end services.
  • Lead a small agile team to success using SCRUM methodology.
  • Launch and maintained production quality software.
  • Built a RESTful metrics tracking API using ØMQ, Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB.
  • Created a system to cache, aggregate, and rollup Facebook Insights data.
  • Integrated multiple products existing and new into these projects.

Health Dialog

Associate Programmer Analyst


Job Description
  • Design, develop, and test new features for in house software per client specifications.
  • Analyze healthcare data, build and construct ETL pipelines at scale
  • Create excellent documentation of processes for other developers and users.
  • Tied together Excel, SAS, SharePoint with open source tools and code to create internal reports.
  • Delivered over 219 change requests with 100% of them on time.
  • Used shell scripting and macro code to build command-line tool to query datasets quickly.

Side Projects



  • TextQL - Execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV.
  • Rhod - A Lightweight High Avalibility framework for Ruby.
  • Snailmail - Voice Recording to Postcard As A Service.
  • Simple Recommendations - Clojure implementation of a colaborative recommendation engine.
  • Pull Requests on many open source projects: dinedal@github


University of Maine - Orono, Maine, U.S.A.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, Minor in Business Administration

  • Undergraduate Thesis - Implemented N-Queens problem solution using a Genetic Algorithm in a parallel fashion with Futures in Python.
  • Member of only team in Cyber Security to obtain root access on another team’s server that year.

Paul Bergeron - 2014

References Available Upon Request